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March 11, 2021

#10 Part 2 of 2: Type 1 and Toddlers

#10 Part 2 of 2: Type 1 and Toddlers
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This is Part 2 of 2 in our mini series on Type 1 diabetes and Toddlers.  I'm chatting again with Brandy Roy about the nitty gritty of daily what life is like with a T1D baby or toddler. Brandy is the Author of the adorable Type 1 children's books Little Shots for Little Tots and The ABCs of Diabetes. Proceeds from her book go to fund her son, Ryder's, CGM each month as well as go towards donations that Brandy gives to local hospitals so that other toddlers can home with a CGM after diagnosis. Brandy is also the creator of the Instagram account @t1dtoddler where her goal is to create a community for other parents of T1D babies and toddlers. I hope you enjoy the show today!

Find Brandy's Books: www.crankypanky.com

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