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March 28, 2023

#100 Those Other Kids: the non-T1D siblings of T1Ds with Joanne Robb

#100 Those Other Kids: the non-T1D siblings of T1Ds with Joanne Robb
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You won't want to miss this one! Most of us have more than one kid and typically those kids are not also living with type 1 diabetes. Although, special shout out to those parents juggling multiple kids with type 1 diabetes!! You are my heroes! Today, Joanne Robb (psychotherapist and T1D coach) and I discuss how to manage diabetes well for our T1D while also pouring into our other children that aren't living with type 1 diabetes. Be sure to check out the links below to find Joanne on the weband sign up for her courses specially designed to help and encourage parents and caregivers of type 1 diabetics. Plus, take a listen to the other 4 episodes Joanne recorded with me! They are all about how to manage the mental and emotional burden that can come alongside a type 1 diagnosis. Enjoy!

Joanne's Website: https://www.diabetessweettalk.com/
Episode #88: Working through Anxiety
Episode #89: Validation
Episode #90: All the Feelings and Emotions that come Along with a Type 1 Diagnosis
Episode #91: Relationships and the Stressors that come with a Type 1 Diagnosis

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