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March 31, 2021

#13 Switching from MDI to Pumping *PLUS* An Interview with my Daughter, Sarah

#13 Switching from MDI to Pumping *PLUS* An Interview with my Daughter, Sarah
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The first half of this episode is a sweet interview with my daughter, Sarah. She tells us a little about life with Type 1 Diabetes and what it has been like to switch over to an insulin pump from multiple daily injections. Plus, you guys get to listen in on a rollicking game of Would You Rather! The second half of the episode, I go more in depth about what it has been like to switch from MDI to using an insulin pump. I talk about the pros and cons to both MDI and Pumping, some of the pump features we like to use and my overall assessment. Hopefully this episode will help anyone who is on the fence about one or the other. Enjoy!

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