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April 28, 2021

#17 The InPen and a Plant Based diet with Mattie

#17 The InPen and a Plant Based diet with Mattie
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In this episode, Katie chats with Mattie who has been living with T1D for the past 20 years. Mattie tells us all about the Medtronic InPen that she uses. The In Pen is a smart insulin pen with Bluetooth technology  that helps you dose for your meals and keep track of IOB with a handy mobile app so you can keep a tighter reign on your blood glucose numbers and avoid those pesky lows and stubborn highs.

If you feel that pumping insulin is not for you or your child but want the latest in pen technology, then the InPen is it!

Mattie has also chose to be on a plant based diet. She explains the reasoning behind her choice and how it has helped with her diabetes management. You can find Mattie on Instagram at @plantbased.pancreas. I hope you enjoy the show!

Find Mattie on Instagram! @plantbased.pancreas

Learn more about the Medtronic InPen! https://www.medtronicdiabetes.com/products/inpen-smart-insulin-pen-system

Amazon affiliate link for the book Mastering Diabetes: Mastering Diabetes 

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