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May 13, 2021

#19 Hope, Adventure and Family Planning with T1D Sugar Mommas

#19 Hope, Adventure and Family Planning with T1D Sugar Mommas
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In this episode I get to talk to Brooke Gibson who is the founder of T1D Sugar Mommas, a group that supports women living with Type 1 Diabetes who are navigating through the stages of family planning, pregnancy and early motherhood. Brooke has been a Type 1 Diabetic for the past 36 years and has 5 children of her own! In other words, she's pretty darn qualified to talk about this subject and guide other T1D women through the process.
Brooke tells us all about the inspiration behind T1D Sugar Mommas, how it started, what it offers and more! If I had to sum this episode up in one word for us parents and caregivers of Type 1 Diabetics it would be HOPE. Hope that our warriors will be able to grow up and have a family of their own. Hope and peace knowing that there is an awesome support system in place for the T1D women going through family planning, pregnancy and early motherhood. I am so grateful for women and people like Brooke who are passionate about helping others based on their own experiences. Thank you, Brooke! Enjoy the show and check out the links below to find T1D Sugar Mommas.

Instagram: @t1dsugarmommas
Website: www.t1dsugarmommas.com 

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