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Jan. 22, 2021

#3 New Year, Fresh Starts and Goal Setting

#3 New Year, Fresh Starts and Goal Setting

It's a new year, everybody! Yay! In this episode, Katie discusses coming out of the fog of a really challenging year and looking forward to fresh starts and new beginnings. It's never too late to start over in any area of your life including the way you and your kid manage and think about Type 1 diabetes. Katie offers words of encouragement for the new year ahead and offers practical tips for setting small goals that will set you up for big success. Enjoy the show!

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Encourageable: (adj) Someone who is able to be encouraged. Side note: The internet is undecided if this is actually a word or not. For the sake of this podcast, it is! LOL

Incorrigible: (adj) Someone who is beyond correcting, improving or changing. 

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