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Sept. 29, 2021

#39 Swimming and Sherlock the Diabetic Alert Dog with Adrienne (part 2!)

#39 Swimming and Sherlock the Diabetic Alert Dog with Adrienne (part 2!)
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I'm back with Adrienne this week! Since both Adrienne and I have a pool in our backyard and are dealing with swimming and our T1Ds all the time, we're going to shoot the breeze a bit today to discuss what's worked for her and what's worked for us. Hopefully some of our strategies will help you brainstorm what you could possibly do differently to be successful in and around water.

Plus, we get to hear all about their diabetic alert dog, Sherlock, and her second children's book, Sherlock has the Nose.


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Adrienne Reade


Mom of 3, 1 T1D 6 year girl, low carb advocate, author of two children’s books about t1d and our Diabetic Alert Dog, Sherlock.