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Nov. 23, 2021

#47 Type 1 Diabetes THE MUSICAL

#47 Type 1 Diabetes THE MUSICAL
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I am, and have always been, one of those people who goes around singing songs that match whatever circumstance I find myself in. Sometimes the lyrics are already perfect for the situation at hand and sometimes I change them a little bit to make a parody. When my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, naturally this "habit" of mine came right alongside me as we bolused for meals, changed devices, and dealt with the highs and lows that are just inevitable with being insulin dependent. Thus, Type 1 Diabetes THE MUSICAL was born and today I want to share it with you, listeners of The Sugar Mama's Podcast!

In this episode, I sing my way (yes, you get to hear me sing) through each and every one of these songs. Type 1 Diabetes the Musical has 9 categories or scenes that I organized the nearly 40 songs into. Below you will find a written list of these categories and songs as well as a link to the Spotify Playlist where you can listen to all of these songs in ordered or shuffled. Enjoy!
Find the Playlist on Spotify by clickingHERE!

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I got Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks

Low by Flo Rida and T-pain 

Just a Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins

I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow

Dizzy by Tommy Roe 

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

Sugar by Maroon 5

Sugar Sugar by the Archies

How Low by Ludacris 

Timber by Pitbull

Sugar, We’re going Down by Fall out Boy


Because I got High by Afroman

She’s so High by Tal Bachman

Watermelon Sugar High by Harry Styles 


Love Rollercoaster by Ohio Players

Free Falling by Tom Petty

Bang by AJR

Rollercoaster by Bon Jovi

Up Down by Morgan Wallen


Math Suks by Jimmy Buffet

Take this Job and Shove it by Johnny Paycheck

They Don’t Know by Ariana Grande 

My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get it) by En Vouge 

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift


Pump up the Jam by Technotronic

Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas 


Push It by Salt-N-Pepa

Like a G6 by Far East Movement

Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland


Not throwing away my shot from Hamilton

Shots shots shots shots by Lil’ John

Hit me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar 


I gotta feeling by the Black Eyed Peas

Champion by Carrie Underwood

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

We are the Champions by Queen

Remember This by the Jonas Brothers


Someone saved my Life tonight by Elton John

Juicebox Hero by Foreigner 

Rescue by Lauren Daigl

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You're listening to episode 47 of the sugar mamas podcast. And today we're doing something a little bit different. It's Thanksgiving week. Everybody's ready for the holidays. So we're going to do something that's fun and silly, and I really hope you're going to enjoy it. If you have been to the sugar mamas podcast, web page sugar mamas podcast.com and have read the. The show information, you will see that it says the sugar mamas podcast is designed for moms and caregivers of type one diabetics hosted by Katie. Roseboro a T1 D mom, the show features heartfelt and insightful conversations with other T one D parents, as well as with members and professionals connected to the type one. Each episode aims to equip, empower, encourage, educate, and entertain those raising children with type one diabetes, get ready to learn a ton and gain a new perspective as Katie and her guests discuss the. Outs ups downs and all arounds of caring for a type one warrior. Well, today I don't have a guest. It's just me and we are going to be focusing on the entertainment portion of this podcast, right? Each episode, aims to equip, empower, encourage, educate, and entertain those raising children with type one diabetes where you can go ahead and put this in the entertainment category today. We are going to be. Singing our way through diabetes, the musical. Specifically type one, diabetes, the musical, I don't know about you, but as I go through my daily life, I pretty much sing everything. Thoughts that come to my head or remind me of songs that I've heard before. And then I'll start singing them or I'll sing songs that I already know, but I'll change the word or words to fit my particular circumstance and managing type one diabetes day in and day out for my daughter is now. So today I'm going to share some of my favorite songs that I sing while we are managing type one. And a few weeks ago, I also reached out on social media on Instagram and Facebook to ask other type one parents, what songs would be featured if type one, diabetes was a musical on Broadway. And the answers I got were phenomenal. I have a really long list. So bear with me. But before we jump into the music, let's do our little intro and then we will get. You're listening to the sugar mamas podcast, a show designed for moms and caregivers of type one diabetics here. You'll find a community of like-minded people who are striving daily to keep their kids safe, happy, and healthy in the ever-changing world of type one. I'm your host and fellow T one D mom, Katie Roseboro. Before we get started. I need you to know that nothing you hear on the sugar mamas podcast should be considered medical advice. Please be safe, be smart, and always consult your physician before making changes to the way you manage type one diabetes. Thanks. All right, let's go ahead and get started. I have organized these into different categories and I have even put them into a Spotify playlist. So I will share the link to that in the show notes. And I will also share it on the website and social media where I'm allowed. Cause you know, Instagram, doesn't like people sharing links, unless of course it's in your bio, but anyway, I'll get it to you. Somehow. Check the show notes though for the Spotify link. All right. First category in type one, diabetes. The musical is for the lows. The first song on the list is friends in low places by Garth Brooks. I got friends in low places. After that we've got low by Flo rider in T-Pain shorty guy, low, low, low, low, low, lower lows. We're hopping over into the Disney music genre with just a spoonful of sugar from the movie, Mary. just a spoonful of sugar. Helps the medicine go down the medicine, go down the blood sugars. Come up. We've got, I want candy by bow. Wow. Um, well, candy do do, do, do, do, uh, well, can. And then there's dizzy by Tommy Rowe. This is an old one. I had to look this one up, even though after I looked it up, I was like, oh yeah, I've heard this one before. This was a suggestion from one of the, uh, social media groups, but it's dizzy. Um, so dizzy my head and spin and lack of Whirlpool. It never. And I think that's perfect because I know when my daughter gets low, she feels woozy a little shaky. So. That was a good one. And I really hope you guys have a good sense of humor because I'm realizing that this might be really offensive to some people, but I feel like if you've gotten to this point so far in your listening to a podcast episode called diabetes, the musical, you probably have a good sense of humor. And if you don't, then I invite you to turn it off at this point. So you don't get offended. This is not for people who are easily offended. Okay. Just a warning. All right next, still in the category of four, the lows, by the way, this is the biggest and longest category. So I figured we'd do it first. There's just so many great songs for when you have a low blood sugar, but okay. Next on the list is pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard. We all know this one. Pour some sugar on, man. Hey. We also have sugar by maroon five, your sugar? Yes, please. Would you come and put it down on me? Um, ride here because I need little love, a little sympathy. Sorry, I can't stop. I love that song. Just couldn't stop that one. Okay. Next on the list is sugar, sugar by the Archie's. Oh sugar or honey, honey, you candy girl. And you got me wanting you. Oh, well, honey. I love this suggestion. This was, um, I feel like this could also be in the category of there's a category later on in the show called the rollercoaster of blood sugars. And I feel like this song could also be in the rollercoaster of blood sugars category, but I put it on the low list and it's timber by Pitbull is going down, um, yell in Tim ma. You bet a move. You bet a dance. Six of her. We don't want you to move or dance because your blood sugar is low. So sit down and have some Skittles. All right. Next up is how low by ludicrous? How low can you go? How low can you go? How low can you go? How low can you go? I mean, that one's perfect. All right. Last on the low list is sugar. We're going down by fallout. This, one's kind of hard for me to sing without the music behind me. Um, and I also had to look up the lyrics because it's one of those songs where you're like, you know, you think, you know the lyrics, but you really don't. But, yeah, I wish I could play the music with me, but I think that's illegal and I'd probably get charged a lot of money because of like copyrights and royalties and stuff. But this one goes, we're going down, down in an earlier round and sugar work going down swinging. I'll be your number one with a bullet, a loaded God complex Kochot and pull it there. You have it. That was sugar. We're going down by fallout boy. Next category in type one, diabetes. The musical is for the high blood sugars. This is a short list. There's only three songs on this one, but I really, really love this category. First on the list is a classic by Afro man. And it's called because I got high. My husband introduced me to Afro man, when we started dating like 20 years ago. And I just, it's just hilarious. If you don't know who Afro man is, please go look him up if you need a laugh. Okay. But this one goes, I was going to clean my room until I got high. I was going to get up and find the broom, but then I got high. My room is still messed up and I know why, because I got high because I got high because I got high. All right next on the high blood sugar list is she's so high by tall Bachman. Of course it could be he's so high if you have a son with T1 D, but it goes, she's so high, high above me. She's so lovely. She, so All right. Last on. The high list is watermelon sugar in parentheses high by Harry styles. And that one is watermelon, sugar, high watermelon, sugar, high. All right, moving on to the roller coaster blood sugar category. First on the list is love rollercoaster by the Ohio players, which is. Your love is like a roller coaster baby, a one or ride, except for, we don't want to ride. We want to get off this ride. No, thank you. All right. One of my personal favorites to sing when I have rage, bolused one too many times out of frustration, which I've gotten much better at. And I've learned some tips and tricks that have helped, but there have definitely been some rage bolus moments in our past. And in, in those times, I like to sing free fall and free fall and free. Fall in by Tom petty because her blood sugar is in fact in a freefall. All right. This is one of my husband's favorite songs. And the title of it would not make you think it would be included in diabetes, the musical, but the lyrics definitely. And the song is bang by AJR and the very. First part of the song goes, I get up by get down and I'm jumped, been around and the rump, this and ruckus is comfortable now, then a hell of a ride, but I'm thinking it's time to grow bang, bang, bang. And I feel like that's really appropriate for rollercoaster, blood sugars. All right. Next on the list that was suggested by several people is rollercoaster. Bye Bon Jovi. That's probably the song. I know the least on this list, so I'm not going to attempt to sing much of it, but it's like, it's a roller coaster. That's part of that's part of the chorus. So you get the point. It is certainly a rollercoaster. All right. Last on the rollercoaster blood sugar list is up down by Morgan Wallen. So we've got a little country music here for you. And this one goes, I'm going up, down, up, down, up, down. All right. I hope you guys enjoyed that category next up on the list. I feel like we're, we might be, uh, if there was, if this were truly a musical, we might be right at intermission or maybe right after. Um, but this, we all need this list in our life. This category it is For when you are just fed up with type one diabetes, my mom suggested this next one and I think it's hilarious. She said math sucks by Jimmy buffet. Oh, I love Jimmy buffet. That was a staple in our household growing up. But you know, basically that one is, is all about how math sucks. Maths up. I love this suggestion too. This is take this job and shove it by Johnny paycheck. Take this job and shove it. I ain't working here no more. I'm pretty sure we can all relate to that center. I love this one, too. This is a really upbeat song by Ariana Grande day it's they don't know which is one of the songs on the trolls movie soundtrack, which a couple of years ago in trolls first came out. We, that was on repeat in our car to, and from preschool for months at a time. But this one, I feel like this is good for like, when you encounter someone who knows next to nothing about type one diabetes or, you know, makes comments like, oh, well, if you just hadn't fed your child so much sugar, they wouldn't have type one diabetes or, well, at least it's just diabetes or it could be something worse, you know, fun comments like that. Just don't feed them any sugar or carbs and there'll be fine. Okay. Thank you so much. Um, they don't know. They don't know. They don't know. They don't know about us. They don't know. They don't know. They don't know about what we do and it's true. And it is true. They don't know. This next song is for those days where you just feel like no matter what you do, it's not working or you're doing it wrong. You know, you know, the frustrating days when you're not in range, either because high or low or whatever, just throw your hands up in the air kind of day. This one is the actual title of the song is my Levin by invoke. I like to call it, never going to get it. Never gonna get a Navigant again. It never going to get it. Never gone to get it. Never going to get it. Never going to get it. Never going to get it and navigate it. I definitely feel some days that I'm never going to get it. All right. Last one in the, for when you're fed up, category is bad. Blood by Taylor swift. It goes now we got problems and I don't think we can solve them. You made a really deep CTCA and baby, now we got bad blood. Okay, moving on next category, act two diabetes. The musical is for all of those who are on an insulin pump. This is one of my favorite songs to sing. When we are doing pod changes, pump site changes. It's pump up the jam, pump it up. Why your feet are stump in and the jam is pumped in. Look ahead. The crowd is jumped. Another great one for pump users is pump it by the black IPS, which basically just goes, pump it louder, pump it louder, pump it louder. I'm telling you guys these songs make living life with type one way more entertaining. Your kid will probably roll their eyeballs at you, but in the long run, they'll probably appreciate your attempts at trying to make things fun. All right. I think this next category might be my favorite and it is for CGM sensor changes. Now look, we are on the Dexcom G six. So these, for the most part, there's only three of them, but they are really. Geared towards people that are on a Dexcom. so I'm not hating on those that are on a Libra, but these are the only ones that I could think of for CGM sensor changes. But I like to sing, push it by salt and Pepa. When we are doing a Dexcom sensor change because of that giant orange, Bush button that you have to push. And I feel like you have to push it real good, or the sensor might get stuck. And then you're going to have to go get a wooden spoon to like bang it off. You know, the song it's like, push it, push it, push it. Push it real good. All right. The next one is like a G six by far east movement. I had never even heard this song until somebody on social media suggested this one for the musical, but now I can't not sing it when. I have anything to do with our Dexcom because it's a Dexcom G six. I don't know what I'm going to do. When Dexcom G seven comes out, I'm going to have to write these musicians and be like, look, we need a new song, but this one goes like a G six, like a G six. Got me feeling. So fly like a G six. All right. And this one. Is for anyone who has ever. Wrestled with the adhesives to get off the CGM. When it's time for a change, this one can also be for Omnipod users, too. Those things can be real sticky too. But this song is stuck like glue by Sugarland. So we got a little more country for you. This one goes what? Oh, whoa. Stuck like glue. You and me baby were stuck like glue. Whoa. Oh, whoa. Stuck like glue. You and me, baby. We're stuck. Black glue. So seeing that one next time you're ripping your skin off or your kid's skin off trying to get the, uh, For us, it's not that we can't get the sensors off. It's just that, like afterwards, there's all this sticky stuff. And I use adhesive remover, and I think we've got all the sticky stuff off the sticky residue. And then like the next day I look at my daughter's arm and she's walking around with like a, a dirt. On the back of her arm, which is where she likes to wear her, her Dexcom, um, or like she wears her ponds on her thigh and, you know, we'll switch it. We'll alternate between legs. And I feel like we've scrubbed all the adhesive off, but the next day she's got this like dirt shaped pod on her thigh because all the, apparently, apparently our lives are very dirty because I don't know where she's coming in contact with all this dust and dirt, but man alive, it's like one day and all the sticky stuff has picked up all the dirt and dust. Okay. I think this might be my second favorite category. And this is for everybody who is on MDI or multiple daily injections. The first song comes from my. Most favorite musical, at least currently. And that is not throwing away. My shot from Hamilton sung by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I am not throwing away my shot. I am not throwing away my shot. Hey, I'm just like my country. I'm young scrappy and hungry and I'm not throwing away. My. one to sing while you're injecting insulin is shots, shots, shots, shots, shots by little John shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots. We had a lot of parents say that they sing that. And I felt like it was mostly parents of like toddlers, which is just hilarious because obviously we're not talking about insulin shots, right. All right, this, one's bringing it back to like early eighties, maybe even before that, but I love the song. It's hit me with your best shot by pat and then guitar hit me with your best shot fire away. Come and hit me with your best shot. All right guys, we've got two more categories left in this next one is pretty positive because let's be honest. Not all the days are hard and bad. I mean, a lot of them are, but, or at least challenging. Because not all the days are challenging, right? Some of them can go by fairly uneventful with numbers that are looking pretty good. But so these are for when you're feeling good, you're feeling victorious. The first one on the list is I got a feeling whew. That's nice going to be a good night that night. It's gonna be a good, good, nah, that one's by the black eyed peas and the person who suggested that one in the. Facebook group somebody chimed in and said, or it could be a, that tonight's going to be a long night. That night. It's gonna be a long night. And yeah, some, some nights are really long. Like last night we had some crazy lows last night. All right. The next one is the champion by Carrie Underwood, which is actually the song that Sarah just stands to. And the dancing for diabetes showcase with their kids and teens, a program for dancing for diabetes. It was great. And this one goes. I am invincible unbreakable, unstoppable unshakable. They knocked me down. I get up again. I am the champion. You're going to know my name. You can hurt me now. I can't feel the pain I was made for this. I was born to win. I am the chip. Whoa. That's a great song, by the way, if you've never heard it, the next song is also one of my favorites. It is fight song by Rachel Platten. This is my fight song. Take back my life song, I love that one. That's also on my running playlist when I choose to run, which is not very frequently. For all you queen lovers out there. I am a huge queen fan. In fact, I feel like they should make a musical just with queen songs. It would be amazing. But this one is we are the champions by queen. Right? You can sing this at the end of the day when you've been in range, like 90% of the time or more, but we are the champions, my friends, and we'll keep on fighting till the end. All right. The last song in the victorious category is remember this by the Jonas brothers. I obviously could not have type one diabetes, the musical without including a Jonas brothers song mean Nick Jonas is like the poster child for type one diabetes. So this is also a fabulous song. If you haven't heard it, it's pretty new, but it goes. He used to pray for a moment just like this. There's a fire in your eyes. It's a can't resist, baby. We're gonna want to remember this and baby, we're gonna wanna remember this, which obviously none of us prayed for a moment just like this. Right. We would take type one from our kids any day if we could, but. I feel like, you know, like, like for instance, Sarah recently, or several has been a handful of months now, but she was able to do a finger prick on her own, which was something she really struggled with for like a whole first year of diagnosis. And, you know, it's just like such a, a great moment for her that she finally did it. It wasn't so bad. She realized she could do it. Um, you know, it's like, baby, we're going to want to remember this good job. All right. Last category coming in, hot, coming in strong. This is for when you save your child's life in the middle of the night. The first song is someone saved my life tonight by Elton John, someone saved, someone saved, someone saved my life. Yeah, it was my mom or dad. They saved my life. All right. Next is well, it's the song juke box hero, except I like to change it to juice box hero. I even made a shirt that says juice box hero. It's for sale on Amazon. If you're curious, I'll leave a link in the show notes, but so you can sing. And the a juice box hero got stars in his eyes. He's a juice box hero. All of our kids are juice box heroes, for sure. All right. Last song on the list. I hate that we're all done. And this one is ending on a very sweet and somewhat sad note, but it's the song rescue by Lauren Daigle, which I love me. Some Lauren dig. Not sure if there's any other LD fans out there, but this one goes, I will send out an army to find you in the middle of a dark night. It's true. Uh, it will rescue you because we will, we will always rescue our sweet, precious type one warriors. Unless they kick us off the followup when they're adults, then they're on their own. All right. I hope you guys love that. I, again, I will put the link to the Spotify playlist in the show notes. Every single song I just mentioned is on there. If you know of any other songs that you think I need to add to the T1 D the musical list, let me know. I can add them with a click of a button. I hope you guys have a fabulous holiday. Remember not to take things too seriously. I know that can be hard, especially when there's a holiday like Thanksgiving. That is. For the most part. At least in America centered around eating copious amounts of food. And when you put type one diabetes in the mix of that, it can be scary and sad and frustrating, but I hope you just take some nice deep breaths. You know, every time I have found that every time I think that a day, like a holiday, like Thanksgiving or Easter or Halloween, or there's a lot of food or candy involved, you know, every time I find myself thinking like, oh, this is going to be a nightmare. It's going to be awful. Those are the days that are like the best. And I don't, I don't know why I can't explain it. Um, but. It's just, I feel like the kids are off school, so they're a little bit more relaxed. Usually they're running around and playing with friends or cousins outside in the neighborhood. So there's a little bit more activity involved. And usually when I think was going to be a really bad day, turns out to be a great day. So just try not to worry your day might not be perfect. And that's okay. There's always something. All right, you guys have a fabulous holiday. Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for you. I'm so grateful for this type one community. And I will definitely be saying my just prayers of thanks for, for you, for you, for the listeners. And just for everybody that I've met over the past year in some change. Don't forget the visit the website, if you haven't ever done that. There's lots of great information on there. It's very easy to subscribe to the podcast from the website. Go to www.sugarmamaspodcast.com. Scroll down a little bit, and you'll see all the subscribe buttons to whatever podcast player you play. You listened to your PO your shows on. Have a fabulous week. You guys chat with you soon. Bye. If you enjoyed the show today, come follow me on Instagram at sugar mamas podcast, we're having a pretty good time over there. About as much fun as one can have with a chronic medical condition. Be sure to check out the website, www dot sugar, mamas podcast.com, where you can find all our past episodes and easily subscribe to the show. I wanted to let you guys know that the product feature of the week is the Fitbit. Too. This is the watch that both Sarah and I use to show her Dexcom numbers on our watch face. If you decide to get one, you have to download the glance. Watch face. That is the one that shows the Dexcom numbers. I will leave an Amazon affiliate link in the show notes where you can see the watch for sale on Amazon. It has been on sale lately because of black Friday deals are on. Which is a bonus, and I'll also leave a link in the show notes to a really helpful video and blog posts that can help you get the watch face set up last but not least. If you haven't checked out, buy me a coffee. Do that. Now, go to www dot, buy me a coffee.com forward slash sugar. Mama. Buy me a coffee is a no strings attached way for listeners like you to support the show. Every single dollar earned goes to making this podcast come to life each and every week. Your gift can be a one-time donate. Or you can sign up for the really fun sugar mamas podcast membership levels starting at just $1 a month. Check it out. I'll put a link in the show notes. Happy Thanksgiving. You guys happy holidays. Chat with you soon.