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Feb. 18, 2021

#7 Let's Talk About Anxiety

#7 Let's Talk About Anxiety
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In this episode, Katie talks with Gina Perkins about recognizing and navigating anxiety in both children and adults. Gina is mom to an 11 year old girl named DJ who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Both Gina and her daughter have dealt with anxiety throughout their lives and they are both passionate about bringing awareness to the subject as well as helping children and their parents who may also be struggling. Gina shares their story and offers some very useful tips for other parents dealing with anxious children. Gina and her daughter have also created some truly amazing and beautiful products to help other children who may be struggling with anxiety including Gina's book, Katie Not Afraidy. You won't want to miss this sweet and encouraging chat! Enjoy!

Where to find Gina : @ginamperkins
Her book, Katie Not Afraidy, on Amazon: Click
Gina's website (so much helpful info and wonderful products!):

Workbooks Gina Mentions:
CBT Workbook for Kids,What to Do When You Worry Too Much, andWhat to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck

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