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Feb. 25, 2021

#8 Flying with your T1D: Katie speaks with TSA

#8 Flying with your T1D: Katie speaks with TSA

Planning to get on an airplane any time soon with your T1D? In this episode, Katie speaks with two employees from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA); Ms. Lorie Dankers, a spokesman for TSA, and Ms. Kylen Hjort, a Lead Transportation Security Officer (LTSO) for TSA. We discuss what families need to know when flying with Type 1 Diabetes. Hopefully this chat will put many parents' minds at ease before getting on an airplane with their Type 1 Diabetic child. Enjoy!

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TSA Cares and Passenger Support Specialists - Passenger Support | Transportation Security Administration (tsa.gov) (855)  787-2227

Travelers can call TSA Cares 72 hours prior to traveling and request assistance with the screening process.

TSA Civil Rights and Liberties https://www.tsa.gov/contact-center/form/complaints
If you feel you have been treated unfairly or unprofessionally when dealing with TSA, let them know!

TSA Notification Card - https://www.tsa.gov/sites/default/files/disability_notification_card_508.pdf

This card allows a traveler to discreetly provide information about a special circumstance to the TSA officer in the security checkpoint. 

 Screening of medically-necessary liquids - Disabilities and Medical Conditions | Transportation Security Administration (tsa.gov)

Procedures for traveling with medically-necessary liquids are detailed at this website. Note that medically-necessary liquids are not limited to 3.4 ounces (100 ml), but they are required to be screened. Please tell the TSA officer at the front of the security checkpoint that you are traveling with these items. Also note that you will be present for any screening that is done.

 Traveling with insulin pump or glucose monitor – use the dropdown menu on the Disabilities and Medical Conditions | Transportation Security Administration (tsa.gov)

TSA provides a comprehensive list of special circumstances that may require additional attention during the screening process. One of those circumstances is traveling with an insulin pump or glucose monitor. While TSA always recommends following the manufacturers’ instructions on any medical device, this web page will let you know what to expect during the screening process.

 TSA PreCheck - TSA PreCheckTM | Transportation Security Administration
TSA PreCheckTM is an expedited screening program for low-risk travelers. 

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