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Jan. 31, 2023

#99 Self-care for the Type 1 Diabetes Caregiver with Lori Schlosser of the Blessed in This Mess Podcast

#99 Self-care for the Type 1 Diabetes Caregiver with Lori Schlosser of the Blessed in This Mess Podcast

Self-care is so very important for caregivers and parents of children living with type 1 diabetes. Today my guest is Lori Schlosser, fellow type 1 parent and host of the Blessed in This Mess Podcast, a show designed specifically for people taking care of others living with a chronic medical condition. Listen in to this special episode as Lori offers practical advice and heartfelt wisdom on little things we can do each day to renew our energy and spirits and take to take care of ourselves while doing the oftentimes exhausting work of caring for others. Please check out the links below to find the Blessed in This Mess Podcast and support Lori! Thanks and Enjoy!

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Lori Schlosser

Writer/Speaker/Podcast Host

Lori Schlosser became a “sugar mama” and a family caregiver on June 26, 2006, when her 8-year-old son’s blood sugar reading of 536 earned them both an overnight stay in pediatric ICU and an entirely “new normal.”
Sixteen years later, she leads the Central Illinois Type 1 Support Group, 500+ strong, offering a positive online forum for people in her region living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) to learn, share, and encourage one another. Lori sits on the Illinois Prairie Diabetes Alliance, representing the T1D community, and is a former Chair of the ADA’s Greater Illinois Area Community Leadership Board, supporting people living with diabetes in all its forms.
As an advocate in the T1D community, Lori has spoken to countless family caregivers about the very important work they do and the toll it takes on body, mind, and spirit. Every element of their wellness is impacted by the care they offer. Lori’s goal as a digital content creator and host of the Blessed in This Mess Podcast is to affirm the good work being done by family caregivers, to help them find peace in the short term and whole-body wellness in the long term.
Lori’s son, now 24 and a successful digital creative, taught her how to record audio, encouraging her to podcast to a broader audience, sharing her thoughts on self-care, resilience, and finding the blessings, even in the mess of Type 1 diabetes.