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Amanda Ciprich

Registered Dietitian, Founder of T1D Nutritionist

Amanda is a registered dietitian and author who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 10 years ago. During the early stages of her diagnosis, she felt herself going down a path of restriction and obsession, which left her feeling weighed down and consumed by her diabetes diagnosis. She craved freedom to enjoy her life without diabetes getting in the way and knew there had to be a way to find her love for food once again.

At T1D Nutritionist, Amanda's mission is to be the support person and guiding voice that she wished she had when she was diagnosed. She now helps people living with diabetes and their families learn how to manage blood sugars without giving up the foods that they love.

Oct. 27, 2021

#43 Our relationship with and Mindset Towards Food with Amanda, T1D N…

Amanda Ciprich is a registered dietician and the founder of T1D Nutritionist where she helps type 1 diabetics and their families …

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