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Andi Balog

T1D Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

I'm a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer from Adelaide Australia, and owner of online coaching business Fit Little Peanut Nutrition. After living with t1d for over 18 years, I combine my own experiences and knowledge of nutrition and fitness to coach other women with t1d, to help them boost their confidence in themselves, and in their decisions around nutrition and t1d.

You’ll generally find me in one of these places:
• in the gym
• at the beach
• in the kitchen
• patting random dogs

Come say hi and follow me on social media to see BTS of coaching & my daily life.

Sept. 8, 2021

#36 The Glycemic Index with Andi Balog

The Glycemic Index (GI). What is it? Why do we need to know about it in the world of Type 1 Diabetes Management? In short, the Gl…

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