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Jutta Haaramo

T1D Mol, Founder & CEO

I’m a T1D Mom and entrepreneur, with background in mobile games and consumer apps. Eight years ago my oldest son got diagnosed with diabetes. Getting overwhelmed with diabetes data and wanting to bring some fun and positivity into our daily lives with diabetes, especially to my son, I started to think about different ways we would like to interact with our diabetes data.
This need we had in our lives turned into Happy Bob, an app that connects with the real-time CGM and other health data, providing support and rewarding experiences based on your own data throughout the day, to help keep glucose in range and hopefully reducing the diabetes mental toll a bit.

Oct. 8, 2022

#87 The Happy Bob App with Jutta

There's a new love in my life and his name is Bob. Happy Bob, that is! Have you heard of the Happy Bob App ? In today's episode y…

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