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Kyrra Richards Profile Photo

Kyrra Richards

Founder, Myabetic

Kyrra Richards founded global diabetes fashion and lifestyle brand Myabetic after being diagnosed with diabetes at 24 years old. She struggled to manage her blood sugar and confidence and hated being associated with negative perceptions of diabetes. Determined to improve the diabetes image, Myabetic creates beautiful medical products (bags, wallets, and accessories) to help people with diabetes feel better. The Los Angeles-based former professional dancer, diabetes entrepreneur, and mom of 2 girls is dedicated to helping people with diabetes live with style, not shame.

Jan. 5, 2022

#52 Myabetic with Kyrra Richards

Episode 52 features Kyrra Richards, owner, founder and CEO of Myabetic. If you don't already know, Myabetic sells chic and fashionable diabetes products that are truly beautiful AND practical. From purses to sling bags, backp...

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