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Lauren Bongiorno

Founder, CEO

Lauren Bongiorno is a Nationally Board Certified Health Coach and the founder and CEO of Risely Health. Her team is challenging the current healthcare system and the world of diabetes management through innovative health coaching programs and online educational classes, helping people and families impacted by type 1 diabetes holistically transform their lives. Lauren has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was 7 years old and has experienced firsthand that when health transforms, so does everything else - our relationships, our time, our career, our families, and, most importantly, ourselves. Risely Health's comprehensive virtual coaching, classes, and community offer an entirely new kind of freedom that has impacted thousands of people since 2015. Their success with client transformations and recognition in the community comes from lived experience with type 1 diabetes, expertise in mindset and behavior change, and dedicated ongoing support and accountability. To learn more, visit riselyhealth.com.

May 4, 2022

#69 Living in Freedom with Type 1 Diabetes; a chat with Lauren Bongio…

Meet Lauren Bongiorno! Founder and CEO of Risely Health, a diabetes health coaching company that is passionate about empowering those living with type 1 diabetes. Lauren was diagnosed with T1D when she was 7 years old and, as...

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